The Parrott Unbound Podcast

Parrott_Unbound_Banner_1From the heart of the Seacoast, from the hearts of book lovers, from the deepest depths of the library stacks, from the people behind the desk… it’s The Parrott Unbound! With interviews, panels, lectures, sketches, literature, reviews, and more. The Portsmouth Public Library is honored to present The Parrott for your listening pleasure. Let us take you on a journey…

The Parrott Unbound, Season 1 featured six weekly episodes aired throughout June and July of 2019. Additional episodes will feature audio from library programs.

Narrated by Laura Horwood-Benton. Edited by Laura Horwood-Benton and Grace Hanley. Content by members of Portsmouth Public Library team. Logo by Stacia Oparowski.

Episode 1: WELCOME

In this episode…

The library is a public space where all are welcome. On that theme, hear excerpts from our 2018 Ask an Immigrant Anything panel, learn why we no longer charge late fees, hear from a few of our favorite pieces of literature, and find out about the rather strange cetacean news unfolding at Prescott Park… Welcome to The Parrott Unbound!

Episode 2: SUSTAIN

In this episode…

Learn how local folks are working on environmental sustainability, how traditions are sustained by dedicated stewards like lighthouse keepers and historians, and how we can sustain ourselves emotionally in difficult times. Plus, sustain your appetite with some delectable culinary readings!

Bonus: listen to the Unedited Interview with Susan Stibler!

Episode 3: RECOVER

In this episode…

Amid the news of tragedy, disconnect and suffering, take time to listen to the inspiring stories of folks in recovery from substance abuse. Learn to meditate with instructors from the library’s Weekly Meditation program. Learn more about some of our favorite cathartic literature. We hope this week’s episode helps in your personal recovery! Love, the Librarians at PPL

Episode 4: CREATE

In this episode…

Ignite your creativity with an episode all about making! Hear excerpts from a panel on the library’s 2018 “Text and Textiles” exhibit, with paired poets and textile artists; learn about March’s Project Upcycle event, created by the library’s very own Jennifer Moore; hear the storied history of The Elvis Room in Portsmouth; and learn how to order your very own 3D prints from the library!

Episode 5: REMEMBER

In this episode…

Looking to the past gives us insight and wisdom to make better decisions about the future. The library is committed to conserving and sharing the history of our community for just this reason. In this episode, learn from local folks working to illuminate the lives of enslaved people in New England, hear about the liberty eagle that hangs in our lobby and what it represents, discover a local project bringing people together across boundaries, and let us hype our very favorite comic series, which deals with nothing so much as memory, history, and discovering your roots.

Episode 6: GEEK

In this episode…

Geeks ahoy! This episode is for you. See the library through the eyes of two mysterious aliens, Ong & Flo. Hear interviews with cartoonist, writer and performer Kali Moulton, author Jeff Deck, our recently retired Youth Services supervisor Susan Laun, library page and former library overnight guest Fran Dintino, and retired Foreign Service Officer John Eddy! This episode also features excerpts from a talk on the Isles of Shoals. To all our fellow geeks: thank you for joining us for Season 1 of The Parrott Unbound!

Bonus: listen to the Unedited Interview with John Eddy!